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Published on Amazon Kindle - 1st August 2021
Unleashed in Paperback - 2nd August 2021
Conjured as an audiobook - 23rd March 2022

Jack James Dixon debuts with this hellish novel.

Have you ever been down on your luck? Unable to just be yourself? To do what you really want? Or say what you really think?

Well, Neville Pike has always had to swim upstream, but a devilish mask finds its way onto his face...

A dark alter ego stirs within Neville, and he must learn to curb his increasingly indulgent, destructive ways before he endangers those closest to him.

AVAILABLE on AMAZON in Paperback, as an eBook on KINDLE...

...and as an Audiobook - also available from AUDIBLE and from...

iTunes - Audiobooks > Fiction > Face Value (Unabridged)

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Notebook and Pen


All work and no play makes Jack something, something...

Jack James Dixon has been engrossed in words and storytelling from a young age.

Finally, after years honing his craft as a writer and storyteller, it is time to share his work with a large and welcoming audience. Whether the world is ready, or not...

Sit tight for more information and more content.

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"When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand."

Raymond Chandler

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