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fAcEs EvErYwHeRe...

Hello all.

So, it has been a whole calendar month since the release of #facevalue

And we are still here.

You might suspect that my 'communications' have been met with 'technical difficulties,' so I apologise once again for the radio silence.

It has not all been down to my wicked 'associate.' He has made it very plain that it is my own damned fault. Much like how the 10 day count down to release should really have been a 7 day countdown, or indeed less, as I am not allowed to conjure more than seven email campaigns a month with this level of service...

If only the world was much stricter with conjuring malevolent forces, but here we are. 'His' story is out. And I can only hope that I am free.

I aM fReE, aReN't I? yEs, It'S tImE tO mOvE oN.

Hopefully, if the book has not found you first, you have already secured a copy. Or indeed more than one. Think of your friends' and families' literary endeavours for Halloween...

My box of books is nearly empty. I will have to summon more...

Thank you all for you support so far. I hope that more of you will jOiN uS and sUfFeR this journey with me.

But for now, take care.

And stay naughty.

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